AI Accelerators Driving Impact in Enterprises

Generative AI-based Accelerators


Product Data: Named-Entity Extraction, Disambiguation, and Reconciliation

Match the company's master product data with the retailer’s product data (image and description) for faster sales data reconciliation across channels.


Insights from Unstructured Text

Mine unstructured text data to find meaningful insights in the form of topic discovery (themes and sub-themes), sentiment analysis, and emotion detection for product improvement, brand perception analysis, competitor analysis, and more.


Speaker Diarization, Video Analytics,

Generate insights from videos of discussions/meetings and presentations. Extract speaker-wise transcripts, speaker-wise summaries, common topics among speakers, key phrases spoken by each speaker, video summary, keyframes in the video, and more.


Search & Knowledge Extraction

Redefine the way you search and consume content. Gain comprehensive insights from structured and unstructured enterprise data repositories with hyper-relevant search results, content summaries, key topics, visual insights and data analysis through natural conversational modes.

Product Content Generation

Personalized, customized content at scale

Generate product content such as product title, product description, feature description, and more based on key attributes at scale. Drive revenue impact and enhanced customer experience with highly personalized marketing content for target customer segment personas in compliance with brand guidelines and campaign objectives


Advanced AI Chatbot

Chat with data in a natural human conversational manner and consume business insight in the form of advanced charts and narratives. Leverage the state-of-the-art, scalable, domain-specific chat-based solution with explainable causality and speech models to transform decision-making.

Other AI Accelerators


Insights on High-Potential Assets

Assess and benchmark early-stage molecules with near-real-time insights from an AI-based platform that tracks internal and external innovation through multiple data sources from the life sciences domain. Prioritize acquisition targets and internal asset investments based on expert analysis and the latest scientific research. Proactively identify opportunities and determine asset attractiveness aligned with your portfolio expansion plan.

Image Quality Assessment

Scored Image Quality

Assess image quality with a quality score based on the visual appeal of the image. Blurred or distorted images get a lower score, enabling you to prioritize and take remedial action.

Multi-Armed Bandit Algorithm

Content Optimization Recommendations

Minimize opportunity costs and maximize rewards in digital advertising with Multi-Armed Bandit-based recommendations. Determine the optimal option from content variations using a smaller sample size than required for traditional A/B testing, improving speed-to-market and campaign effectiveness.

Anomaly Detection

Real-time Sensor Data Monitoring

Identify normal and irregular operative conditions of a system through the analysis of data from multiple sensors using Multivariate Time-series Anomaly Detection, which leverages Graph Attention networks and is based on Custom as well as Azure Service (MVAD API).

Knowledge Graph

Integrated Product Data Access

Provide better, faster customer service by accessing product details from technical, operational, and user manuals represented in domain-specific taxonomy and ontology in Graph DB like Neo4J. Nodes in Neo4J Graph DB represent product-specific features or information or issues.

Data Loss Prevention

Data Privacy Automation

Use Course5’s Data Loss Prevention accelerator to automatically detect and redact sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data from modality as text, image, and audio based on a wide set of common PII recognizers leveraging Named Entity Recognition, regular expressions, rule-based logic and checksum with relevant context in multiple languages. Preserve privacy in a hassle-free way by democratizing de-identification technologies and introducing transparency in decisions

Case Studies


TXTSense: Customer Insights from User Feedback

To identify and analyze the key reasons for customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction based on user reviews and feedback for a product category


SuperSearch: Multi-dimensional Search and Knowledge Extraction

To provide enterprise users with comprehensive insights based on the organization’s internal knowledge sources that are siloed and spread across many repositories within the organization


Rekoncile: Ecommerce Product Data Reconciliation

To automate the process of manual matching of SKUs based on product descriptions.


Course5 Discovery: Automated Insights from Ecommerce Data

To get automated reports and insights for CXO-level decision-making.


Course5 Discovery: Consumer Relations Data Insights

To understand consumer behavior and preferences and get deep consumer insights from structured and unstructured data; drive actions based on key concern areas


Course5 Discovery: Customer Experience Insights

To identify the root causes of customer issues and their impact on NPS scores and operational costs (Service desk calls)


Course5 Discovery: Finished Goods Waste Reduction

Inventory waste, in the form of stales and damages, was a multimillion-dollar annual problem for this client.


Image Quality Assessment

To analyze all images of the company and its products on multiple websites for quality checking and ensuring compliance with industry standards and organizational guidelines