1. What is Xelerate Service Charges:

Cloud XelerateSaaS service just like your second networkout of band. The charge is calculated in a same way as the IaaS products in public clouds, and charged according to the network resources consumed. No need to apply for any reserved resources during use. All Xelerate optimized configurations are free to save and only need to pay according to the specific real consumed network traffic. During a communication process on the host to destination endpoint accessing un-configured won’t be charged.

Xelerate SaaS is completely a flexible service approach, It can be very effective to help you control the cost of global communications as your international business grows.

* Fully support HTTP(s)-based SaaS, and will release VPC-based interconnected services very soon.

2. Fee Table:

Billing Model Network Traffic Step Unit Price (Dollar/GB)
Monthly Traffic 10TB-50TB  
  ≥100TB Price Negotiable, Subject to actual contract