Cloud Xelerate

services can provide you a stable network between Clouds and regions of Cloud, which comparable with private-line connection, and you can simply enjoy our services by setting the DNS server in EC2 host to Xelerate Cloud Edge. After a few minutes of entire settings will bring you a stable network supported around the clock.

Provide high-quality of network communication services for hosts in the cloud platform to access SaaS services in the worldwide.

In your cloud platform, you will inevitably use a SaaS built system or cloud host to process data in one or multiple cloud platforms as your business keep expanding. Then high-quality network communication is required to guarantee the reliable data transmission across regions and clouds. However, usually its network is being an uncertain environment, fast and slow, even unable to keep up with the computing speed, and the low connection response success rate also causes serious negative impacts on the important business access. So at this time of globalization, you should to quickly access the Cloud Xelerate’s services and instantly get stable end-to-end network protection.

The core reason why more and more company chooses Cloud Xelerate but not fabric dedicated line or other SDWAN is because its network availability guarantee more than 99.99%, and never be disconnected which relies on whole global Internet, Xelerate AI algorithm guide each of your data packet to find the most suitable communication routing, which makes the entire network transmission into a reliable and controllable virtual Intranet environment, no need to entangle in dedicated line infrastructure, MPLS provider selection and so on. By lower cost can gain the equivalent effect with plug and play Xelerate services.

What’s Good Effect Achieved

Xelerate self-service user interface supports to monitor the real-time network communication state among the global cloud platforms.

Network Acceleration Effect from AWS China to 14 Areas of AWS Global (For example):

The accelerated speed by using Cloud Xelerate from AWS China connecting to the world reaches more than 50Mbps/s (e.g., single-TCP connection), which is 5-20 times faster than original network communication speed. Please note that in general of network communication processing method is multiple-TCP connections of simultaneous processing, so that you can completely get a perfect network environment for any large data transmission systems.

The most incredible is not the network communication speed difference, but through Cloud Xelerate optimization, you can get a stable network environment around the clock although it is based on the public Internet. When there sudden changes happen in the Cloud IaaS or Internet, Xelerate networks can still able to maintain its own stability.

By Cloud Xelerate optimized network, your network communication will maintain stability around the clock, and the communication rate basically maintains a parallel line. Of course, at the same time it maintains a connection success rate of nearly 99.99%. No need to worry about waste of computational resources or loss of business due to high latency network.

How Does Xelerate Work It Out?

The Internet is not one network. it is stitched together by much of network carriers’ resource around the world. During the process of network communications between two different Clouds/IDCs you used, the data may be passed by lots of independent network carriers, so that none of them can ensure the entire network communication quality.

However, Xelerate designed and implemented a reliable & controllable network bases on Internet, so that only need to choose one virtual network carrier which has the capacity to guarantee your entire network communication quality.

Meanwhile, the quality assurance is more than one network. We can compare the Internet to be a broad complex urban traffic environment, which the congestion situation and accidents are always happening. At this time, you need an intelligent navigation system to real-time monitoring the traffic changes and guide you avoiding traffic jam for reaching your destination more faster.

This Internet-based intelligent navigation system is integrated with our Cloud Xelerate platform, depend on its own Xelerate AI system to detect the current network situation, discovering the area of delay and congestion existing which may causes communication quality reduction at any moment. When it discovered your communication data being negatively impacted, Xelerate will immediately notify worldwide network communication nodes to change the original routing mode, calculating and guiding your data transmission to bypass these congestion points in advance, and successfully eliminating defects on network communication quality.

So with Xelerate support, your applications in the Clouds can get a 24hrs high speed and stable network guarantee.